What Causes Smelly Shoes and Feet

Smelly feet and shoes can be a dire problem that can embarrass you when you have people around you. If you have smelly feet, then you might feel very uncomfortable removing your shoes in public because of the bad odor that will be emitted when your feet are out of your shoe. On this page, we shall be sharing with you a very interesting topic; what causes smelly shoes and feet.

Below are some of the possible causes of smelly shoes and feet

Improperly ventilated shoes

Ventilation is very important in a shoe so that fresh air can easily move in, whiles un-fresh air moves out. Your shoes become prone to bacteria when your feet emit sweat (moisture) into a shoe that is not properly ventilated.  Because air does not move in and out with ease in a shoe that is improperly ventilated means your shoe becomes a perfect breeding home for bacteria that cause bad odor.

If you want to avoid smelly shoes, then it is imperative that you always buy shoes that are properly ventilated, such as shoes that have good breathable uppers.

Wearing shoes for a long period

The longer your feet are in a shoe, the more sweat is emitted into the shoe. This means that you are likely to have smelly shoes if you continue to wear shoes for long period, this is because no matter how great the ventilation properties of the shoe you are wearing, some bacteria will still remain and cause your shoes to smell when your feet are out.

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If you will be wearing shoes for a long period during the day, then, in order to mitigate the chances of developing smelly feet, you can regularly remove your feet from the shoes, taking into consideration your convenience and that of others around you. This practice will allow some fresh air to get into your shoes and feet.

Skin infection

Another possible reason behind your smelly feet and shoes could be probably caused by skin infections. Yes, skin infections can cause smelly feet. Fungus is one major cause of skin infection that causes smelly shoes and feet. This situation is even made more badly when you wear shoes that do not provide sufficient ventilation.

Identifying skin infections such as those caused by fungus and treating them can relive you from embarrassing situations caused by stinky feet.

Not giving your shoe a break

Well, I always say that it is ideal to have many different types of durable shoes so that you do not put pressure on only one particular shoe. Wearing one particular shoe continuously (each and every day) gives it (shoe) little time to allow fresh air to properly get rid of bacteria in your shoe. This is because the rate at which new bacteria gathers in the shoe is faster than the rate at which they (bacteria) are gotten rid of.

Having multiple shoes and not over-using one particular shoe can easily correct this problem, because it gives your shoe time to get freshened up. It is advisable to give your shoes a minimum of 24 hours resting period.

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Poor hygiene

Having a good hygiene saves you a lot and one of the things that having a good hygiene can save you from is stinky shoes and feet. When your shoes are always kept properly clean, bad odor-causing bacteria cannot thrive in them (shoes).

Practice a good hygiene if you notice your shoes have developed a bad odor. Always keep your shoes clean and wash your feet properly and regularly in order to remove any bacteria on them.

Wearing shoes without socks

Another reason why you might be experiencing stinky shoes and feet is probably that you often wear your shoes without socks. The importance of wearing good quality socks is that it helps in absorbing moisture (sweat) from your feet which will have otherwise gotten into your shoe. Socks can be easily washed, hence bacteria that causes smelly feet will not thrive in your shoes.

Avoid wearing shoes without socks, and you should also change and wash your socks regularly and properly. It is advisable to change your socks every day. You should also consider buying good quality socks (those that have moisture-wicking fibers in them) over cheap and poor quality ones.

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