Safest ways to Stretch Leather Shoes Faster

With time, as you wear your leather shoes, they tend to naturally expand, however, when you buy yourself a fresh new pair of leather shoes and they are a little smaller than your feet size, then you may probably have to stretch them wider a bit. If you are looking for a way that you can stretch leather shoes faster than waiting for it (leather) to naturally expand with time, then you are on the right page.

Expand shoes with ice blocks

This method is an effective way of expanding your leather shoes. All you need to do is to have, water, water bags and a freezer around you. Now, place the water bags into your shoe, then, gently pour water into the water bags (be careful to avoid water getting into the shoes) and place your shoes into the freezer and leave it in (the freezer) overnight. The idea behind this method is that water tends to expand when frozen, therefore placing water in your shoes and then freezing it (water) will help in stretching the leather of your shoes.

Use a shoe stretcher

Another very safe and effective way of expanding leather shoes is by using a tool that has been specifically designed to help you expand shoes. With the shoe stretcher, all you need to do is first of all spray the leather parts of your shoe with leather shoe moisturizer and then place the shoe stretcher in your shoes. Now, twist the stretcher until it is close-fitting with your shoe. Leave the stretcher in your shoe for about 15 hours.

Wear thick socks

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An equally safe way to stretch leather shoes is by wearing thick socks with your shoes and walking around in them for a while. Well, this is very time consuming, perhaps you can try this method on days that you are at home and less busy, probably at the weekend. This procedure is similar to what the shoe stretcher offers, the only difference is that with this method you have to walk in the shoes so the heat generated from the walking in the shoe warms the leather and therefore makes it stretch.


The above methods of stretching your leather shoes are very safe and provide great results. Don’t use methods which have not be tested; else you might end up ruining your shoes

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