What Your Shoes Say about You

What Your Shoes Say about You

What Your Shoes Say about You

Whenever you wear a pair of shoe, you should know that it carries more than just the mere fact that your feet are covered in a comfortable and protective wear. Well, to let you know, I will say that what you wear on your feet goes a long way to say a lot about you. Here on this page, we will be discussing the topic; what your shoes say about you.

We have compiled different types of shoes and their corresponding suggestions on what they (shoes) say about a man. Read ahead to find out more about what your shoes say about you.

Desert boots

What Your Shoes Say about You

What wearing desert boots say about you

If you are found of wearing desert boots, then here is the perception people have about you on your first appearance with them. The thing with desert boots is that they reflect more masculine footwear. So, on meeting someone for the first time, the impression you leave in his or her mind is that you are someone who prefers to dress in a less flashy manner, however, you tend to focus much more on details.

Well, wearing desert boots on weekdays could also reflect the kind of job one does. For instance, one who works in a manufacturing or construction site will probably fancy wearing desert boots to work.

Dress shoes

What Your Shoes Say about You

What dress shoes say about you

Dress shoes usually go with suits; however, they can also be stylishly paired with jeans trousers. If you are one who frequently wears dress shoes, then you could be considered the flashy guy and therefore many have the perception that you represent a guy who is neat and probably gentle. Many people who wear dress shoes, especially on weekdays tend to work in environments that are more official, such as bankers, lawyers or accountants.

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Sneakers and slip-ons

What Your Shoes Say about You

What wearing sneakers say about you

The thing with sneakers and slip-ons, as we all know is that they suit casual outfits and therefore any guy who is often seen wearing sneakers could probably be one who is not much concerned about his appearance in public.

Wearing sneakers could also reflect the nature of one’s work environment. For instance, if you are working in let’s say a retail shop, you will probably be wearing sneakers to work. Another perception that you will be leaving in the mind of a person you meet for the first time is he/she will probably presume that you are a low-income earner.

However, wearing sneakers also depends on the day, for instance for a dress down Friday wear you could wear sneakers to work even though you are working in a more official environment. On weekends you could also wear sneakers with either shorts or jeans trouser and this might just show your preference to go casual because it is a weekend.


What Your Shoes Say about You

What wearing slippers say about you

Slippers are generally very casual in nature and will not suit many kinds of work environment. Slippers are meant to be worn at home or at most walking around in your neighborhood. You cannot wear slippers to work or a party, therefore if you wear slippers then the impression you leave in the mind of a person you meet for the first time is that you are probably not far from home. This means that the person you meet for the first time will assume you leave around the area he/she met you.

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So there you have it, what your shoes say about you. You might think you can wear whatever pair of shoes you want to, but the above tells you more about what the first impression your shoes might be leaving in the mind of a stranger. I hope the above will guide you whenever you want to select a pair of shoes to wear.


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