5 Ways Shoes Cause Back Pains

5 Ways Shoes Cause Back Pains

5 Ways Shoes Cause Back Pains

Have you been having frequent back pain issues? And are you wondering what might be leading to such frequent pains? Well, you might not need to look beyond your shoes. You could be experiencing back pains depending on the type, shape, and design of shoe that you often wear. Here in this post, we shall be looking at 5 ways that shoes cause back pains.

Shoes with insufficient toe room

One of the major causes of back pains resulting from shoes comes from those (shoes) with little toe room. When buying a shoe, you should look out for those that provide sufficient toe room for your toes. It is important to give your toes enough space or room when your feet are in a shoe. Wearing shoes that do not offer enough toe room can adversely affect the way you walk in them (shoes) and wearing them repeatedly over time can hinder your body posture, which might lead to pains in the back. Don’t just go out there and buy any shoe because it looks stylish meanwhile it poses health issues such as back pains to you.

Shoes which don’t fit properly

Another reason why shoes cause back pains is due to the fact that they (shoes) don’t fit you properly. When buying a new pair of shoe, you should always ensure that you go for the ones that perfectly fit you. Wearing oversized or undersized shoes will mean that your body posture could be affected by having to adjust to your movements in the shoe. Wearing improperly fitting shoes alters the way you walk.

Wearing the wrong type of shoe for an activity

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Running, jogging and walking are all forms of doing exercise, and there are shoes that have been designed for such purposes. However, if you often wear the wrong type of shoe for an activity such as doing exercise (running, jogging or walking), you might be exposing your back to pains. You might have problems with your back if let’s say for an instance you wear fashion sneakers for jogging or running. Fashion sneakers are not designed to provide support for rigorous activities like running or jogging.

Wearing worn-out shoes

When shoes are new, their design and shape are meant to provide the requisite support to your ankle, feet, legs and in some cases your pelvic. However, when they are worn out, they (shoes) tend to lose the support they provide and this might lead to issues such as back aches if you continue wearing them. Worn out shoes such as shoes with worn-out soles, tend to change the way you walk.

Shoes with insufficient arch support and cushioning

When buying a shoe, you should make sure that the shoe you are buying provides enough arch support to your feet and also it (shoe) is cushioning enough. If you wear shoes that do not provide sufficient cushioning and have poor arch support, then you might be exposing certain parts of your body such as your back to pains.


If you are going to be wearing a pair of shoe for long period, then you should make sure that it is the right pair of shoe that does not alter your walking style. Wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause back pains because they cause your legs and feet to change movement just to adjust to the shape and design of the shoe. This process can lead to a chain of reactions that can cause your back to ache.

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Source: Illinois Back Institute

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