How to Spot Fake Shoes

How to Spot Fake Shoes

How to Spot Fake Shoes

I know how it feels buying a pair of your favorite brand of shoe just to find out that it is not the original version of the shoe. Well, such a situation can be very frustrating; however, you can save yourself from buying counterfeit shoes if you go through the guidelines on how to spot fake shoes that we have provided here in this post.

Steps to follow in order to spot fake shoes

You should take the following steps if you want to ensure that you are buying the original pair of your favorite brand of shoe:

Thoroughly check the packaging

The first step you should take in differentiating a fake from an original shoe is by checking the packaging. Usually you will first of all need to be conversant with the original packaging of the shoe. However, you can also check the SKU number on the box of the shoe and compare it with that on the shoe; the numbers should be the same, if it is an original pair of shoe.

Check the tongue label

Another important thing that you should also look out for when determining whether a shoe is original or fake is by checking the brand label on the shoe. This is mostly printed on the inside part of the tongue of many shoes.

You should check to make sure that the right spelling of the brand name appears as it should on the tongue label as well as the positioning of the brand logo on the tongue lable. Let us take an instance where a famous brand such as Adidas is spelt as “Abidas” on the label of a shoe. This (Abidas) without a doubt suggests that it is not an original Adidas branded shoe.

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Buy from trusted online shoe merchants

One of the best ways to ensure that you are buying yourself an authentic pair of shoes is to make sure that you buy from well trusted online shops. Buying from online shoe shops with little credibility could increases your chances of buying fake shoes. Online shoe shops like Amazon and eBay are very credible shops and will not sell fake shoes.

Check and compare prices

Another very important thing that should draw your attention to a possible counterfeit shoe is the price. Don’t get carried away by cheap prices you see on some online shops. If you know that the average retailing price for an adidas Men’s Ultra Boost ST is selling for let’s say $300.00 and a shop is offering you one at a price that is very lower than the market price, let’s say at $ 180.00 for the same pair of Adidas Ultra Boost, then you should be skeptical when buying, because it could be a possible counterfeit.

Compare key features

If you have the opportunity to physically hold the shoe in your hand, then you should compare some of its (shoe) key features with the features that the manufacturers have stated for the shoe. You can easily get such information by simply entering the words “key features of the brand name of shoe”. For instance you can search for the key features of the Stan Smith WP shoes in order to obtain the features of the shoe, so that you can compare them (features) with the features of what you have physically in your hand.

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It is always best to buy original instead of fake shoes. Shoes that are not authentic tend not to last long as the original ones do. Also making sure that you go through the above suggest guide on how to spot fake shoes, can go a long way to save you a lot of money.

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