The Amazing Features of the Vans Authentic shoe

The Amazing Features of the Vans Authentic shoe
The Amazing Features of the Vans Authentic shoe

The Vans Authentic has got a lot of pedigree. Since its launch way back in the mid 1960s, this footwear has never failed to impress sneaker heads and all skate enthusiasts. Though it has evolved ever since its introduction, it still remains staple footwear for everyone. On this page, we will be looking at some of the amazing features and their benefits of the Vans Authentic shoe.

Upper part features of the Vans Authentic shoe

Below are some of the exciting key features that together make the Vans Authentic a special one which offers many benefits:

Upper material type

The upper of this wonderful shoe is constructed with canvas material. This makes this shoe’s upper a breathable one and therefore provides great ventilation properties which is enough to keep your feet dry and fresh all day long to provide extra comfort to you. Its upper canvas material is one which is guaranteed to last long because it is well-made, robust and very difficult to be broken. We have already looked at the benefits of canvas made shoes in a previous article.

Accent stitching

Another famous feature of the Van Authentic shoe is its highly visible stitching. This feature enhances the style appearance of this shoe.

Closure method

In order to provide a perfect lock-down fit, the Authentic shoe comes with 5 metal shoelace eyelets with durable shoelaces passing through them. This offers you several stylish options to thread your shoelaces whiles also ensuring that you can adjust the fitting level of the shoe by simply adjusting its shoelaces. With this Vans Authentic shoe, its metal shoelace eyelets have been reinforced.

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Vans logo

On both of the lateral side of this iconic footwear, you will find the Vans logo which is beautifully printed on a tag there.  Well, this is a very common feature on Vans shoes and the Authentic shoe is no exception.

Outsole features of the Vans Authentic shoe

Above, we have seen many wonderful characteristics of this amazing footwear from the Vans Company. Let us conclude by looking at another important aspect of this shoe; which is its outsole.

This shoe is very perfect for walking on different types of surfaces and an ideal one that can also be used for your skating needs. This is all possible because this shoe comes with durable rubber made outsole that has patterned waffle design on it. This feature contributes to the extraordinary traction that this shoe provides. You are less likely to slip when walking or skating in these shoes.


The Vans Authentic shoes are indeed a comfortable and come in a simple design that is ideal for causal or semi-casual events. Due to its numerous colors you can easily find a nice top and pant to pair with this shoe. You can buy a pair of the Vans Authentic Shoes on

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