Key Features and Benefits of Crocs Men’s Walu

Key Features and Benefits of Crocs Men’s Walu
Key Features and Benefits of Crocs Men’s Walu

If you want something that is great on your feet, then you should be on the lookout for the Crocs Men’s Walu slip-on. This is one of the most comfortable slip-on shoes that you can think of. We will be looking at more details on the key features and benefits of this fantastic footwear from the Crocs Company.

Upper material

The upper of the Crocs Men’s Walu shoe comes with canvas material which is vital in ensuring that this footwear provides one of the best ventilation features that you can think of. It (canvas material) is very durable and comfortable to the feet. The upper also comes with very visible stitching which adds more style to this shoe.

Closure method

One of the fantastic features of this shoe is its closure system which uses a slip-on closure method and comes with side goring which is located between the tongue and the collar on both sides of the shoe. This feature makes it very easy to wear-on and remove this shoe, whiles giving you proper lock-down fit.

Heel pull-tab

This is another very important feature of the Crocs Men’s Walu shoe that adds to the style and comfort that the shoe provides. The heel pull-tab is very important and makes it a lot easy to wear and remove this shoe.

Perforated holes at lateral sides

On both of the lateral sides of this iconic footwear, you will find 2 perforated holes. This is an important characteristic of the Walu shoe; this is because this feature allows air to easily move in and out of the shoe, thus, enhancing the ventilation properties of Walu shoe. This feature can also serve as an outlet for water in case your shoe is submerged into water.

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Padded footbed

This awesome shoe comes with comfortably padded footbed which offers outstanding cushioning to the foot and gives you such a great feeling when wearing this shoe. This feature also helps in absorbing stress on the foot and this makes this shoe ideal footwear for those with sensitive feet.

The outsole

Its outsole is also very comfortable and this is because it is made with synthetic material. The outsole of this shoe is designed to provide good traction and has awesome grip on many different types of surfaces.


We have seen many wonderful features and the benefits that these key features of the Crocs Men’s Walu slip-on shoes provide. Another very important advantage of this great footwear is that it comes at very affordable prices and in different types of attractive colors. You can get a pair of the Crocs Men’s Walu on Amazon

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