Key features and Benefits of Adidas Seeley Skate Shoe

Key features and Benefits of Adidas Seeley Skate Shoe
Key features and Benefits of Adidas Seeley Skate Shoe

A shoe that combines skate performance with Adidas heritage and takes its inspiration from the iconic Adidas Gazelle shoe should be one that provides a lot of comfort, durability and above all should come in an awesome stylish look. Well, what are we talking about here?  We are referring to the Adidas Seeley Skate shoe. This stylish men’s shoe comes with many amazing features and benefits, some of which we shall be looking at below on this page.

Upper part features of the Adidas Seeley Skate shoe

Upper material; this groundbreaking shoe comes with amazingly durable synthetic material for its upper. Its upper is very comfortable on the foot and the upper part’s durability is made possible because it comes with an abrasion-resistant feature that resists wear and tear that is usually caused by abrasion.

Wrap around feature; the upper also comes with an exciting key characteristic which sees the synthetic upper part of the shoe being wrapped around its midsole. This prevents the situation where the upper detaches from the midsole as seen in some other shoes.

Key features and Benefits of Adidas Seeley Skate Shoe
The Seeley Skate shoe comes with many exciting features.

Closure method; the Seeley shoe is designed to use a lace-up closure method and has 5 metal shoelace eyelets. Shoes that come with a lace-up closure method allow you to easily adjust the fitting levels of the shoe. You just need to adjust the shoelaces to suit your desired fitting level.

Adidas trefoil tongue logo; on the upper part of the tongue of the Seeley shoe, you will find a stylishly printed trefoil logo and the lettering of the word “adidas”. This feature culminates to an uplifted style appearance of the shoe. The tongue is padded sufficiently to provide extra cushioning and comfort to your foot.

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Adidas 3-stripes; another important feature of this shoe that is worth mentioning is its 3-stripes mark that is located on both lateral sides of the shoe. This is also another feature that adds to the outstanding appearance of the Seeley Skate shoe.

Midsole and outsole features of the Adidas Seeley skate shoe

It is also important that we take a look at the midsole and outsole features of this amazing footwear from the Adidas Company. Below are some more important features;

Midsole; the Seeley skate shoe comes with a midsole that is very comfortable and this is because it is sufficiently padded which makes the midsole feel great on the foot.

Outsole; the outsole of this shoe is made with durable rubber material which has gone through the vulcanization process. This means that the outsole of the Seeley Skate shoe provides outstanding grip on all surfaces and including the surface of a skateboard. This also means that you are less likely to experience slippages wearing the Seeley shoe.


The Adidas Seeley Skate shoe for men comes in a variety of wonderful colors which means that you have the option to select several colors to suit many different types of attire combos. Buy on Amazon Adidas Seeley Skate shoes

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