Stylish ways to Wear Adidas Stan Smith WP Shoes

Stylish ways to Wear Adidas Stan Smith WP Shoes
Stylish ways to Wear Adidas Stan Smith WP Shoes

Having a pair of this amazing shoe from the Adidas Company gives you many options in terms of attires to wear Adidas Stan Smith WP Shoes with. Well, you do not need to bother about getting the right combination of attire to pair with this iconic footwear. In order to have an exquisite look in the Stan Smith WP shoes, just try some of our suggested styles here in this post.

White/Red colored Stan Smith WP shoe with Khaki chinos trouser and Maroon and Navy Blue plaid long sleeve dress shirt; this style can be worn for both semi-casual and casual events. It is a very good way to wear the White with some red color of the Stan Smith WP shoes. You can wear some accessories; preferably a wrist watch will be ok.

Collegiate/White colored Stan Smith WP shoe with White jeans trouser and Grey colored long sleeve jeans jacket; this is another exciting style combination to wear Adidas Stan Smith WP shoes with. This style is unique and is ideal for wearing for a casual and a semi-casual outing. If you are attending a party and want to look unique in your outfit, then this is the style that you should consider. On the other hand, on a less official day to work, you can equally opt for this style. Ideally, I will suggest that you do not over wear accessories with this type of combination; you can simply go for a wrist watch.

Chalk brown/White colored Stan Smith WP shoe with Navy Blue chino shorts and Light Purple colored polo shirt; if you are looking for something for your casual event, perhaps you might be on the lookout for something casual to hang around with a couple of friends, visiting the pub or maybe taking a stroll in your neighborhood, then I suggest this style combo is right for you. It is ideal for warm weather conditions and you can improve this style by wearing some accessories, such as; wrist watch, necklace, a white or khaki colored cap.

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Black Stan Smith WP shoe with faded jeans trouser and black graphic Tee; is a very easy to pull off style mainly because of the availability of these colors and types of attire in many men’s wardrobe. This is a style that is perfect for the casual and semi-casual outing. Wearing some accessories like a black colored cap, a necklace a wrist watch and a bracelet on both wrists will add some much added style to your look.


In all the above styles, it will be more fashionable to wear Adidas Stan Smith WP shoes without visible socks or if possible you can wear the Stan Smith shoes without wearing socks. Read more on the guidelines on how to avoid foot bad odor when going sockless.

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