How to Quickly Remove Scuff Marks on Suede Shoes

How to Remove Scuff Marks on Suede Shoes

How to Quickly Remove Scuff Marks on Suede Shoes

If you want your suede shoes to last much longer, then you will have to dedicate some time and effort in maintenance. There are several ways to maintain a suede shoe, and one way to do so is by getting rid of scuff marks that develop on them. Well, many people ask the question; what do I do to remove scuff marks on suede shoes so that they can look good as new? The answer to this question on removing scuff marks on a suede shoe has been answered here in this post. Read ahead for a comprehensive guide that answers this question and will save your suede shoe from being ruined.

Items you will need

Before you can kick start the process to remove scuff marks on suede shoes, you will have to first of all gather the following items:

  • Suede brush
  • Rubber cleaning stones
  • Old newspaper
  • Nylon brush
  • Suede protection spray

Prepare your shoes

Before we move into the procedures needed to remove scuff marks on suede shoes, I will first of all recommend that you ensure that your shoes are properly dried. Working on not properly dried suede shoes can damage the suede material on the shoe.

Insert newspaper in your shoes

How to remove scuff marks on Suede Shoes

Insert old newspapers inside your shoes for support when cleaning.

In order to give your shoe a good shape and support whiles you work on removing scuff marks; it is best to stuff them (shoes) with old newspaper. This is very important and you should focus more on the toe area of the shoe.

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Remove excess dirt

How to remove scuff marks on Suede Shoes

brush with suede brush in order to remove excess dirt on your suede shoes

When you have placed in sufficient newspaper into your shoes, the next action that you should take is to clean off all excess dirt on the suede material. Excess dirt might be in the form of dried mud or dust. The right way to get rid of excess dirt on suede shoes is to use suede brush to brush off areas that have excess dirt on them. You should focus more on those areas that have scuff marks on them. This is important so that the scuff marks become more visible for you to easily remove.

Remove scuff marks

How to remove scuff marks on Suede Shoes

Rubber cleaning stones are very effective in removing scuff marks on suede shoes

Now that you are done removing all excess dirt especially those covering the scuffed areas of the shoe; the scuff marks should be now very visible to clean. In order to get rid of scuff marks on your shoes, you should use a rubber cleaning stone to scrub the scuffed areas of the suede material. Be gentle with the scrubbing, so that you don’t cause any damages to the delicate suede material.

Brush your shoes with nylon brush

How to remove scuff marks on Suede Shoes

Nylon brush helps you to lift up naps of a suede shoe that has been pressed down during the process of removing scuff marks.

Because of the harsh treatment given to a very delicate suede material during the scrubbing process, you might notice that some of the naps of the suede material are pressed down. You will have to lift them up. To do so, you should use nylon brush to brush areas of the suede material that have been pressed down. When you are done with brushing, you should remove all stuffed newspapers in the shoe.

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Protect your suede shoes

So how do I protect my suede shoes? I can hear you ask. Well, protecting suede shoes are very necessary and do not actually involve a lot. You just need to follow the instructions below:

  • Spray your shoes with suede protection spray anytime you want to wear them.
  • After wearing your suede shoes, always brush them with suede brush before storing them.
  • Avoid getting your suede shoes into contact with water. Thus to say, avoid wearing suede shoes during wet weather conditions, such as rainy seasons.
  • If the color of your suede shoes are fading, you can enhance the appearance of your shoe by re-dying them. Just obtain a suede shoe dye that has the same color with your shoe and follow the dying instructions of the manufacturer which is printed on the suede dye.

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