How to Remove Scuff Marks on Suede Shoes

How to Remove Scuff Marks on Suede Shoes
How to Remove Scuff Marks on Suede Shoes

It is not strange to find a pair of suede shoe in every stylish man’s wardrobe. Well, this is probably because suede shoes are one of the most stylish pair of shoes that you can have. I have several pairs of different brands of suede shoes; however, one thing I have noticed with suede material is that they are prone to scuff marks. This is the downside of having a shoe made with suede material. However, this is not an untreatable problem. Read ahead in this post for the best guidelines on how to remove scuff marks on suede shoes.

Dry your shoes

The first thing you should do when you notice scuff marks on your suede shoes and want to begin the process of cleaning the scuffs on your shoes is to ensure that they are properly dried. If your shoes are not properly dried, then you can dry them in a well ventilated place before you commence the cleaning process. Do not dry your shoes under direct sunlight, as this will damage the suede material.

Gather scuff removing materials

How to Remove Scuff Marks on Suede Shoes
Suede scuff cleaning materials

When your shoes are dried, and in order to begin the process of removing scuff marks on suede shoes, it is imperative that you have at your disposal the following scuff cleaning materials:

  • Suede brush
  • Suede eraser
  • Clean rag
  • Suede protector spray

Brush gently with a suede brush

How to Remove Scuff Marks on Suede Shoes
Use suede brush to brush gently dirt and dust on your shoe

With the scuff cleaning materials that you have gathered, the next step involves brushing your shoes with the suede brush. With this process, you will have to be gentle about how you brush your shoes. Suede materials are very sensitive; hence, you should only brush in one direction. You might ruin the suede material if you brush in a back and forth manner. This step is aimed at removing any dirt or dust on your shoes.

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Brush vigorously, the scuffed areas with a suede brush

After you have gotten rid of dust and any other dirt that has accumulated on your shoes, the next step is to brush in a vigorous manner, the areas of your shoe that have scuff marks on them. With this step, you can brush in a back and forth manner, because it is only the area that has scuffs on them and since your aim is to remove scuff marks.

Use suede eraser

How to Remove Scuff Marks on Suede Shoes
Use suede eraser to remove stubborn scuff marks on your shoe

Now, if you have noticed that there are still some stubborn stains left after brushing vigorously with a suede brush, you should use a suede eraser to get rid of the stubborn scuffs on your shoe.

Protect your suede shoes

How to Remove Scuff Marks on Suede Shoes
Use suede protector spray to protect your suede shoes from scuffs

To prevent or reduce any risk of scuff marks on your suede shoes, it is best to use a suede protector spray. You can get yourself a suede protector spray from any online shop or you can get one from shoe shop that is closest to you. It is advisable to follow the guide on the suede protector spray before using it.

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