How to Remove Water Stains on Suede Shoes

How to Remove Water Stains on Suede Shoes
How to Remove Water Stains on Suede Shoes

Suede shoes are without any doubt one of the most stylish shoes that you can have in your wardrobe. They are very delicate when it comes to maintenance. Cleaning suede shoes when they are dirty is not the easiest of tasks. Allowing water get into contact with your suede shoes can easily ruin them. Water stains can cause discoloration on your suede material. So what do you do when your suede shoes are stained with water? Well, in this post, I have carefully provided some of the best guidelines on how to remove water stains on suede shoes.

To make it a lot easier for you to get rid of water stains on your suede shoes, I have decided to break down the whole process into easily comprehensive steps. Below are the steps to help you remove water stains on suede shoes:

Step 1: Gather materials

In order to get your water stained suede material back to normal, you will need to first of all gather the following items:

How to Remove Water Stains on Suede Shoes
Suede water stain removing items
  • Washing basin
  • Clean warm water
  • Clean rag
  • Suede brush
  • Paper (non-printed paper)
  • Soft bristled scrubbing brush
  • Suede shoe

Step 2: Wet the upper part of your shoes

This step might sound absurd to you. I know by now, you might be thinking, why wet my shoes? Well, water causes stains on suede material; however, water is also the best tool to help you get rid of the stains on suede.

So in this step, you will have to wet the outside area of your shoes. Do not immerse the whole of your shoes into water. You can fill a basin with clean warm water and then dip a soft bristled scrubbing brush into water and then apply it gently on the upper parts of your shoe. Repeat this process until all the upper parts of your shoes are properly wet with water.

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Note; you are not to scrub the suede material with the scrubbing brush. However, the scrubbing brush is just meant to enable water to sufficiently get into the suede material. So you can gently and carefully rub the brush on the suede material to achieve this.

Step 3: Soak up excess water with clean dry rag

How to Remove Water Stains on Suede Shoes
Use clean rag to wipe off excess water on the suede material of your shoe.

If you notice there is too much water on the surface of your suede shoe, then you can use a clean dry rag to soak up the excess water. You can also use a clean rag to dab gently on the upper parts of your shoe to ensure that the upper part is evenly wet with water and also ensure that there are no more visible water stains on the shoe.

Step 4: Place paper into your shoe

In order to help you get rid of excess water on the surface and also to enable the shoe dry in time, you should insert paper into your shoe. It is not advisable to insert Newspaper into your shoes, as this might result in your shoes soaking up ink from the Newspaper. Inserting paper into your shoes will also help to maintain the shape of your shoes.

Step 5: Dry your shoes

Now, it is time to dry your shoes. When drying your shoes, it is best to avoid drying them under direct sunlight. You can dry them in a well ventilated area.

Step 6: Brush with suede brush when shoes are dry

How to Remove Water Stains on Suede Shoes
Use suede brush to brush your shoes after they are dried

When your shoes are properly dried, the next step is to brush your shoes with a suede brush. This process will ensure that the suede material returns back to its original look.

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Water stains on suede materials are one of the commonest of stains that occur on suede shoes. Well, I hope the above guidelines on how to remove water stains on suede shoes have been very helpful.

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