Key Features of the Nike Air Max 90 Premium Men’s Sneakers

What are you looking for in a sneaker? Do you want a sneaker that will provide you with comfort, durability and style? Well, find out whether the Nike Air Max 90 Premium men’s sneakers fits into the Category of CDS (Comfort, Durable and Style) as we take a look at its key features and some of the benefits you will derive from wearing Nike Air Max 90 Premium men’s sneakers.

What are the features and benefits of the Nike Air Max 90 Premium men’s sneakers?

Belonging to the family of Nike Air Max, you should expect something very amazing when it comes to the features and benefits of this shoe. Well, without wasting much time, below are some of the key features of the Air Max 90 Premium sneakers, alongside some of the benefits to be derived.

Upper section features of the Air Max 90

Looking at the upper part of the Air Max 90, certain key features of the shoe can be highlighted. Below are some of them.

  • Upper material; starting from the material make of the upper part of the Air Max 90, you can easily attest to the durable leather material used to make it’s upper. Aside leather on the upper part of this shoe, you will also notice that it comes with breathable mesh; which is very important when it comes to ventilation. It is no surprise that this shoe is one of the best when it comes to ventilation properties. This feature of the shoe provides extra comfort.
  • Closure method; this shoe provides an outstanding fitting level, that can be adjusted at any given time. Well, this benefit of the shoe is possible mainly because it comes with a lace-up closure method with shoelaces that pass through 9 rubber shoelace eyelets. Its shoelace eyelets are designed in a stylish manner that provides several lacing options to lace this shoe.
  • Nike trademark logo; there is also something very amazing that can be noticed on both lateral sides of this shoe. The Nike trademark logo features at both lateral sides of the shoe. This adds some elevated look to this shoe.
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Also, on the upper part of the tongue area of the shoe, you can find a printed Nike trademark logo in between the words “NIKE” and “AIR MAX”.  A similar design appears at the heel counter area of the shoe.

  • 3D “AIR MAX” print; on both of the lateral sides of the shoe, you will find boldly printed 3D “AIR MAX”, which also adds to the style design of this shoe.

Inside area features of the Nike Air Max 90 Premium

  • Inside lining; the shoe has sufficient padding in the inside area. This is covered by textile lining. The padding of this shoe provides extra comfort when wearing.
  • Insole; the insole are designed to provide extra comfort and they also feature the Nike trademark logo at the heel area of the insoles.

Midsole area features of the Nike Air Max 90 Premium

The midsole area of this shoe features a visible Max Air heel unit that also adds to the exceptional cushioning features of the shoe.

Outsole features of the Nike Air Max 90 Premium

To draw the curtains down on features of Nike Air Max 90 Premium men’s sneakers, let us look at the features of the out-sole of the shoe.

The shoes’ out-sole is made with durable rubber material therefore the shoe has exceptional traction, that is enhanced by its waffle patterned out-sole. This means that you can easily walk on several types of surfaces without being afraid of slipping.

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