How to Clean Red Converse Sneakers by Hand

How to Clean Red Converse Sneakers by Hand

How to Clean Red Converse Sneakers by Hand

I know you admire your red Converse sneakers a lot. However, you do not appreciate how dirty they look, and you have no idea on how to get them clean without some of its (Red Converse sneakers) dye being washed off the upper part of the shoe. Well, you do not need to bother anymore about what do in order to clean red converse sneakers without washing off its red dye, because below in this post I will provide you with some important guidelines on how to easily use household cleaning materials to properly clean red Converse sneakers by hand.

Making your Red Converse sneakers new again

Follow the important steps below in order to breathe life into your dirty red converse sneakers and see how they look new again.

Get your sneakers ready to be cleaned

The first step in getting your red converse sneakers new again is to prepare them for the cleaning process. You should do so by first of all removing the shoelaces of the sneakers and keep them aside on a dry surface.

Secondly, you should make sure that your sneakers are properly dried. That is in the case of any recent mud stains on them. Drying your sneakers which have mud on them makes them easier to clean. This is because when the mud is dried, it becomes very easy to scrap off.

Gather household cleaning materials

The next step is to search around for household cleaning agents. You should make sure that you avoid household cleaning agents that have bleach in them, so that you avoid discoloring your sneakers. So I suggest that you properly read the chemical content of a household cleaning agent before using them. Some of the household cleaning materials you should look for include;

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How to Clean Red Converse Sneakers by Hand


  • Clean rags
  • Brush (toothbrush)
  • Baking soda
  • Laundry detergent
  • Stain remover
  • Hydrogen peroxide solution (3% hydrogen peroxide)
  • Hand gloves
  • Magic eraser
  • Basin
  • Clean warm water

Prepare a cleaning solution

Having gotten all your cleaning materials available, it is now time to prepare a cleaning solution for the cleaning process to begin. In preparing a cleaning solution, you will need to;

  1. Fill a basin with warm water.
  2. Add sufficient laundry detergent to the water so that you can see bubbles.
  3. Add the 3% hydrogen peroxide solution to the mixture, so that your cleaning solution is fully prepared.

Soak your red Converse sneakers in the cleaning solution

When the cleaning solution is prepared, the next step is to soak the converse sneakers into the solution for couple of minutes. After few minutes of soaking, you can now remove your sneakers from the solution and place them on a dry and clean soft rag.

Scrub your converse sneakers

  1. How to scrub the upper part of your Converse sneakers

The next step is to properly scrub the upper part of your sneakers in order to get it clean. When scrubbing, you should first of all start by using a clean rag dipped into the cleaning solution to remove any soft stains on the shoe. If there are still some stains after using the rag, then you can use a soft brush (toothbrush) dipped into the cleaning solution to gently scrub the stained area. You can also use magic eraser to clean stains on the upper area of the shoe.


  1. How to scrub the rubber part of your Converse sneakers
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For the rubber part (the sole) of the shoe, you should apply similar process to that of the upper part. However, with the rubber part, you are most likely to face much tougher stains because it is rubber. Well, in order to get the rubber part of the shoe look new again, you will have to apply more effort than you did for the upper part of the shoe.


Therefore, to make the cleaning of the rubber part of the shoe a lot easier, you should dip your toothbrush into a mixture of baking soda and water and then scrub gently the rubber-sole of the shoe. Avoid scrubbing too hard so that you don’t break the rubber strips around the bottom of the shoe.


  1. How to wash the shoelaces of your Converse sneakers

The next step is to properly wash the shoelaces of your sneakers. You can do so by soaking them (shoelaces) for a couple of minutes in a similar cleaning solution prepared above. However, with the shoelaces, you should be careful with the rubber tips which if soaked for long period could easily break, therefore making it difficult to thread them back.


 Dry your Red Converse Sneakers

After you are done with all the cleaning and scrubbing, and you are pleased with how clean your sneakers now look, then it is time that you dried them. So how do you dry Converse sneakers? Well, this is not a difficult task to accomplish. All you need to do is to place them in a properly ventilated area so that air can freely move in and out of the shoe.

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You should avoid drying your sneakers by placing them under direct sunlight, if you do so, you stand a risk of fading the red color of the shoe, and you might also be exposing the rubber part of the shoe to the harsh sunlight which might cause them to break.

After your sneakers are dried, you can now thread in the shoelaces (after they are dried as well) and enjoy wearing your clean red Converse sneakers again.

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