12 Awesome Facts About Clarks

12 awesome facts about Clarks
12 awesome facts about Clarks

Many a people have over the years grown to love one of the most famous footwear brands, Clarks. The brand Clarks is one of the oldest shoe brands in the footwear industry. The Clarks brand started in a humble way and has over centuries provided quality and comfortable shoes to its customers. The Clarks Company has a rich experience in the manufacturing of shoes; hence it is not surprising that they are a giant in the footwear industry. This article contains 12 awesome facts about Clarks.

Awesome facts about Clarks

  1. The Clarks Company was formed in 1825 as the C. & J. Clark in Somerset, England by Cyrus and James Clarks who were siblings.
  2. Its headquarters is located at Street, Somerset in England; the same site which the Company begun in 1825.
  3. Awesome Facts About Clarks.
    The Clarks desert boot is one of the most successful shoes from the Clarks Company. Photo Credit: m.zappos.com

    The famous Clarks desert boot was designed by the great grandson of James Clarks, Nathan Clarks, which was launched in the year 1950.

  4. In the year 1950, the Clarks Company opened a museum which is near its headquarters at Somerset in England.
  5. The year 1851 saw the Clarks Company win gold at the Great Exhibition Award.
  6. In 1863, the Clarks Company faced serious financial issues and was almost on the brink of closure. However, the Company was bailed out by The Local Quaker Community which saw James son William Stephens Clarks take over management of the Company.
  7. The Clarks Company acquired the Blachford Shoe Manufacturing Co. Ltd of Toronto, Canada in the year 1952.
  8. Awesome Facts About Clarks.
    The Clarks Wallabees is another very popular shoe from the Clarks Company. photo Credit: eBay

    The Clarks Company launched another shoe model, the Wallabees in the year 1968, which went on to become one of the most famous shoes on the market.

  9. The year 1964 saw the Clarks Company open an office in the Empire State Building in New York City, America.
  10. The Clarks Company acquired two more shoe manufacturing Companies, Hanover Shoes Inc. and Bostonian in the 1970s.
  11. In the year 1974, the Clarks Company acquired “K” Shoes which was based in Kendal, Cambria.
  12. Clarks just like many other shoe brands has their manufacturing sites in Asian countries, which is due to relatively cheaper cost of production in the Asian countries. In the year 2015, the Clarks Company closed all their manufacturing sites in England. The following year, the Company also closed all “K” Shoes manufacturing sites in England as well.





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