Features of the Adidas NMD_XR1 PK Mens Sneakers by 1909 and Stylish ways to wear them

Features of the Adidas NMD and Stylish ways to wear them.
The Adidas NMD XR1 PK sneakers has awesome features. Photo credit:sneakerstudio.com

The Adidas Company is renowned for coming up with awesome footwear. Famous footwear from the Adidas Company that will be in the spotlight here in this post is the Adidas NMD _XR1 PK Mens Sneakers by 1909. This is one amazing shoe that every man should consider having in his wardrobe. Upcoming, we will look at some of the features of this classic footwear and some stylish ways that you can wear them.

Features of the Adidas NMD _XR1 PK Mens Sneakers by 1909

This shoe is not just outstanding for nothing. After looking at some of its important features, which are listed below, then you will understand that indeed this is a classy shoe to have:

Synthetic Material; to commence, I will first of all let you know that this shoe is made of quality synthetic material for its upper part. This is indeed a good feature one should look out for in every good shoe.

Rubber outsole; another equally important feature is its rubber outsole. Shoes made of rubber outsole have great traction. Thus, meaning they can support slippery surfaces and have great grip as well.

features of the Adidas NMD and stylish ways to wear them.
The Adidas NMD has rubber outsoles which gives it good traction when walking on slippery surfaces. Photo Credit:nikebuyerzone.com

Midsole is EVA molded; this shoe is very comfortable to wear, this is due to its midsole, which is EVA molded. This makes the shoe very lightweight, hence you can walk or run in it for longer distances.

Insole is fabric; its insole is made of fabric material. This means you can be extra comfortable wearing it.

Responsive cushioning; this shoe is unique for its responsive cushioning feature, which is basically because of its boost™.

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Stylish ways to wear the Adidas NMD _XR1 PK Mens Sneakers by 1909

We have looked at some great features of the Adidas NMD_XR1; now let us look at some stylish ways that you can wear this shoe:

First of all, I will like to establish that this shoe is meant for casual or semi-casual outfits; hence the attire you should be looking to pair this shoe with has to be that of casual nature. Below is are some recommended styles to wear the Adidas NMD men’s sneakers;

Wear with fitting jeans trouser

features of the Adidas NMD.
It is stylish to wear the Adidas NMD with jeans trouser. Photo credit: pinterest.

Jeans is ideal for casual outings, so you can wear this classy shoe with a fitting jeans trouser. With jeans, the match almost everything (I mean footwear). You can opt for colors like; black, navy blue, white or blue-black jeans trouser.

Wear with khaki trouser

Another way to this awesome shoe is to wear it with a pair of khaki trouser. As for khakis, colors like coffee brown, brown or white are ideal.

Wear with shorts

During the summer seasons when temperatures keep rising, you can have attire which is friendly to the temperature, by wearing jeans shorts or khaki shorts or shorts made from fabric material. With this, it is best to avoid wearing visible socks, or you can go sockless if you want.

Tops to wear the Adidas NMD with

For tops to wear this wonderful shoe with, they range from; T- shirts, jackets, sweat shirts, V necks, Polo shirts and even dress shirts (thus, if you want to dress a little more formal, but not too formal enough). So you have several options to choose from.

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