How to Identify Moccasins Shoes When you See One

How to identify moccasins shoes when you see one
How to identify moccasins shoes when you see one. Photo Credit:

Moccasins are one of the most famous footwear that you can get on the market. But not everyone can tell when he sees one.  This is because moccasins are similar to other slip-ons such as; driving shoes and loafers. In this article, I will elaborate on some of the key features that will make you identify moccasins shoes when you see one.

How to identify moccasins shoes

The following are some of the key features that different moccasins shoe from other slip-ons.

They are slip-on shoes

Firstly, I will want to establish that moccasins are slip-ons, so you should not confuse moccasins with very formal dress shoe. They are designed just like other slip-on shoes, like loafers for instance. Many people can hardly differentiate moccasins from loafers.

Moccasins are slip-on shoes with lace

How to Identify Moccasins shoes.
The laces on moccasin shoes are just for decorative purposes. Photo Credit:

Many moccasins out there in the market come with laces, however, these laces are usually are meant to add some design to the shoe and they are not meant to be tied and serve the purposes laces are meant to serve on a shoe. Therefore, if you see a moccasin with lace don’t let that confuse you, they are just meant for decoration purpose.

Moccasins are not flat shoes

How to identify moccasins shoes.
Moccasins have visible soles and may as well have heels. Photo credit:

One major feature to help you identify moccasins shoes is they are not flat shoes, in the sense that they have visible soles or even at times they might come with heels. This is something many other slip-ons such as loafers and driving shoes don’t have. Other slip-ons are basically flat shoes with no visible sole.

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Moccasins are suitable for formal occasions

Because of the shape and design of moccasins, they can be suitable for formal occasions as well as casual occasions. However, other slip-ons are basically considered to be casual or semi-casual footwear. This is basically due to their design, especially their flat soles, as compared to the more visible soles of moccasins.





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