Adidas Mana Bounce Running shoe Review and Rating

The ideal running shoe for men is the Adidas Mana Bounce Running shoe.

When it comes to men’s athletic shoes, there is always something awesome from the Adidas Company. This time around it is the Adidas Mana Bounce Running shoe that is in the spotlight. You can always trust the Adidas Company for value for money footwear.

There is no doubt that everybody wants to wear quality footwear. If quality is everybody’s wish?  Then, without wasting much time let us delve into some of the qualities of the Adidas Mana Bounce Running shoe, as I review and rate it.

Features of the Adidas Mana Bounce Running shoe

For a shoe to be considered a great running shoe, there are certain key features that the shoe must have. Below are some of the key features that qualify the Adidas Mana Bounce Running shoe as a great shoe:

The Mana Bounce Running shoe has a good traction; this is because of its rubber sole.

  1. It is made of bounce technology; the technology used to manufacture the Mana Bounce running shoe is a bounce technology. This therefore makes the shoe extra comfortable.
  2. Toe cap overlays; if there is an outstanding feature on this shoe, then it must be its seamlessly bonded toe cap overlays. They really look attractive.
  3. 3-stirpe Adidas trademark; there is something always special with all Adidas shoes. Thus, the 3-stripe Adidas trademark. The Mana Bounce has the Adidas 3-stripe trademark on its lateral side.
  4. Rubber sole; the Adidas Mana Bounce Running shoe is made of rubber sole which is imperative for a good traction. This makes it one of the best running shoes for men.
  5. Synthetic upper part; the shoe is liked because of its synthetic upper part.
  6. Breathable mesh; it also comes with a durable breathable upper mesh.
  7. Extremely soft padding around the heel; on the Adidas Mana Bounce Running shoe, you would notice a very soft padding around the tongue and collar of the heel.
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Let us look at some of the benefits you derive from wearing the Adidas Mana Bounce Running shoe; below are its pros:

Comfort is what the Adidas Mana Bounce Running shoe brings. This is because it is flexible, very cushioning and allows air to easily reach your feet.

  1. Good ventilation properties; the shoe provides easy access for air to reach your feet. This is possible because of its breathable upper mesh. You can easily notice the feel of air around your feet when you run in them.
  2. Flexibility; if you are looking for a running shoe that provides a high level of flexibility, then your choice should be the Adidas Performance Mana bounce Running shoe. This shoe provides a flexibility level that cannot be matched by any other running shoe.
  3. Light weight; everyone wants a running shoe which is light in weight. This is one property of the Mana Bounce that makes me love it the most. It is very light in weight; hence you can cover long distances without getting tired quickly.
  4. Comfortable; another important aspect of this running shoe from Adidas is the level of comfort that it provides. This is possible due a combination of some of its key features, for instance, the soft padding around the heel area coupled with its breathable upper mesh.
  5. Variety; when it comes to the Adidas Mana Bounce Running shoe, variety is a key aspect. The shoe offers customers a variety of colors and sizes to choose from.
  6. Fashionable; the shoe even though most people consider it as a running shoe; it can be worn for classic outings. Get a pair of the Adidas Mana Bounce Running shoe and match it with a pair of jeans and a polo shirt and you would notice how classic you look.
  7. Perfect fitting; if you get yourself the right size, you would notice that the shoe offers a perfect fit. This is something outstanding with the Mana Bounce that I like very much.
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No matter how great a shoe is, there would always be some negative aspect about it. Well, with the Adidas Mana Bounce Running shoe there is one thing that some customers have complained about; the variations in the pricing of its different colors. Some customers have complained about some colors costing more than others.

Summary and rating

To conclude with the review of the Adidas Mana Bounce Running shoe, I would say it is an excellent running shoe for men.

Its features are perfect for all runners. Therefore, giving it 4.5 out of 5 is a fair rating according to me. I would also recommend this shoe to all runners and those who would love good footwear for their classic or casual outings.




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